QUICtools Link

QUICtools Link facilitates fast, simple and secure media movement and workflow coordination between sites using either private WAN circuits or the public internet.

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The protocol enables sites to advertise their available endpoints (along with any associated workflow) as well as providing for negotiating the transfer mechanism for media.  Transmitting systems are then able to transfer media, initiate the workflow processing on the receiving site and monitor it to completion.  Naturally, this is all done in a secure manner and without the transmitting site requiring knowledge of the processes on the receiver.

Media transfer can be completed using a range of protocols such as FTP or UDP accelerated solutions such as ExpeDat from Data Expedition Inc.

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QUICtools link can be integrated with other QUICtools workflows to enable server to server transfers.  We also provide a number of end user clients that enable media transfer from laptops or mobile devices.

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