Customer Stories


SBS in Australia have deployed QUICtools Archive across two of their key news production sites including at their bureau within the Australian parliament building in Canberra.  The solution uses a common set of reference authorities such as people, places, keywords etc that are synchronised across both systems.  The authority search allows content to be precisely catalogued and quickly searched by users across the organisation.  The SBS system also leverages QUICtools Link for transfers to users in other parts of the organisation to accelerate transfers across the private WAN network.


Crossroads Television in Canada utilise QUICtools Archive as their main program archive system reponsible for ensuring content is available on their playout servers ready for transmission.  The solution involves integration both with a Harris based playout automation system and SDS scheduling and booking system.  QUICtools supplied a complete software stack including control of a SpectraLogic T950 tape library for long term archiving.  CTS had a number of unique requirements including the ability to quickly turn-around the captioned version of a live program for delayed transmission in other time zones and the QUICtools Enterprise workflow environment was able to accomodate these requirements while ensuring a fast and very cost-effective project delivery.

Dolce Sports

Dolce Sports in Romania utilize QUICtools Archive as their primary content archive.  Based on our SportsPack schema extention, Dolce are able to store & search rich game metadata including team information, player rosters and game event logs within the archive.  Integrated Partial Restore allows operators to pull short segments of games back into the edit environment for reuse very quickly.

Dolce installed QUICtools Archive as a replacement for two other archive solutions and one unique requirement was that content in those systems should be retained.  To complicate matters further, one of the outgoing systems had segmented game footage – sometimes into as many as 20 or 30 individual clips making up a game.  A combination of QUICtools Archive metadata extensibility and our QUICtools Enterprise workflow technology allowed us to port all metadata from the existing systems while reconstructing games back into single continuous clips.